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Why Does Ezekiel Elliot Wear a Bull Nose Ring During Professional Football Games?

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We get it dude. You wanna be the weird, quirky, Dennis Rodman type guy of the NFL... I think? But... why in the hell do you have a bull nose ring going during the middle of a game? Is that thing not rattling around ripping up your nostrils every time you get hit? Does it not make breathing through your nose feel like you're permanently congested? I just don't get it. I mean shit maybe I'm the crazy one for thinking wearing a bull ring is weird during an NFL game when 300 lb dudes are cracking into you trying to take your head off. Just put it away for 3 hours a week, I dont get what youre trying to prove my guy. Now I probably should've disclaimed this by saying I am a noted Zeke hater ever since the 2015 MSU-OSU game when State made him look like a fucking softie and held him to 43 yards on 12 carries, but that isn't why I'm a hater. I don't like him cuz after the game that he got completely bottled up and dominated in, he went to the mics and started bitching about not getting the ball bro saying that if he would've gotten it more they would've won... whatsup, bro? You didn't do dick when you did get the ball, why the fuck would they keep giving it to you. But none of that matters now, I just wanna know why the guy has a literal cartoon bull ring in his face during football games. I dont know... I hate being a hater but, just, why??? Just toss it in for the other 150 hours of the week, such a weirdo move. And why the bull ring? Whatever.

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  • Sean on

    I don’t get it either unless he’s a beast of burden? It looks like it would hurt during a game, but there’s probably nothing more than cartilage between his ears anyway.

  • Eeeeee on

    Someone’s mad 🤡

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