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Everyone Pretending to Just Now Realize Matthew Stafford is Elite Can Suck a Wet Egg

bad mfer lions mcvay stafford

Apparently now that our beloved boy, Matthew Stafford, is no longer in Detroit and has a kushy new job slinging footballs for that frat boy McVay and the Rams, now all of a sudden people are seeing the light and saying......... he's good?!?! Well no fucking shit. Watch the Lions one time for me in the last 12 years. Talk about the city of Detroit and it's teams and athletes without bias one fucking time for me. Now that Staffy is in LA it's like everyone in media and sports had a closed door meeting to decide it's finally okay to say nice things about Matthew. Like their big charade of pretending like he was always a middle of the road QB could finally come to an end. It pisses me off.

No shit guys, no shit the dude who played through a dislocated shoulder to throw the game winning TD in his rookie year is a bad motherfucker. No shit. Ohhhhhh but he's not in Detroit anymore so it's okay for everyone to say it out loud. Fucking cowards man. Claiming Staffy as a great like people in Detroit (that have brains and know even 1% of anything about football) haven't been doing that since the moment he came into the league. I don't know why it fires me up so much but it does. It's like the cultural appropriation thing people get get upset about except it's just Detroit, Detroit appropriation. 

I know I should just be happy about this. I should be happy that a guy as tough, talented, and cool as Matthew Stafford is finally getting the recognition he deserves, but it just feels like the national media clowns are trying to run this through the back door like Detroiters won't realize those fucking losers would never acknowledge Stafford like this if he was still here. Good for Matthew though, nobody more deserving. "He's a bad MF'er" yea no shit Sean, just look at the cover picture for this blog. Dude has been a bad motherfucker, maybe literally, since he was 20. But now it's cool because he's out in LA, fuck that. 

Good for Matthew though, I truly do love the guy. Still hope the Lions kick the absolute shit out of the Rams this year but seeing as though Superbowl hopes in Detroit are quite low I hope Matthew finally proves the haters wrong. He's a Superbowl guy and real ones have always known. For anyone jumping on the Stafford bandwagon now that it's cool, just know this guy has BEEN elite. 


He's been a bad motherfucker, Sean.



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