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Yesterday wasn't Just the Pistons Winning, it was Detroit Winning

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Not POW but more of a FUCK YES


What a night for the Detroit Pistons, they officially have won the number 1 overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft and future Hall of Famer, future 12x All Star, future 5x NBA champion Cade Cunningham is going to be a god damn Detroit Piston! Or at least he better be, but that's a conversation for another time, let's make like BYU and soak in this moment for a bit first. 

Obviously this is huge for the Pistons, no shit, but as someone who has suffered through the last 5/6 years of absolute misery being a Detroit sports fan, this is huge for EVERYONE in Detroit. I saw a lot of people on the timeline last night talking about how they're "taking a list" or "keeping track" of all the bandwagon Pistons fans that are suddenly back because we are getting Cade. Yea that's fine, who gives a fuck about your list. Am I one of those people that is suddenly gonna start watching, tweeting, and making shirts revolving around the team? I absolutely am, but what else do you expect when the organization has been an absolute JOKE for the last 12 years? Not okay, not bad, a complete catastrophe. Of course people will lose interest and of course they'll come back once momentum is gained. That's just the way the world works, cry me a river. Besides, wouldn't you rather have all these "bandwagon" fans come back and build a huge fan base and show that people care and pack LCA?? All that bandwagon fans mean is that the team is actually interesting for the first time in 12 years, you wanna wish that away just because someone didn't sit through a 20-52 season? Get outta here. 

But all of that is besides the point, now more than ever is a time for Detroit fans from all walks of life: Wings fan, Tigers fan, Lions fan, Stones fan, DCFC fan etc., to come together and celebrate. Celebrate the first overall pick and Cade Cunningham changing our franchise, yes, but celebrating more than just that. Celebrating a change in spirit in our beloved city. Celebrating something good FINALLY happening to us. Celebrating a wink from the universe almost as if to tell fans, "hey, all that pain and suffering, all that loss, all that sadness... hang in there because it's gonna pay off". Honestly that's what it felt like last night. More than just a draft pick, like a validation of commitment to this city and its teams, whether its the Tigers, Wings, Cats, or Stones. IT IS GOING TO BE OKAY. 

I get the Pistons fans that have been through it all feeling protective over their squad and not wanting people to come along out of the blue and act like they've been there the whole time, I really do get it. But before we start shunning people for being "bandwagons" just understand what yesterday meant for every fan here. Yesterday felt like the day everything changes here. It felt like the end of the dark ages. After yesterday it feels like the city is on the rise. I know people were excited about the pick and Cade and everything but I think more than that, people were relieved and empowered by the idea that Detroit, the former and future, City of Champions is back on the rise. 

You don't think this was more than just a draft pick? Guess again








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