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Finally! Avila Cleared Away the Crust in his Eyes and Brought Up Our Guys

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FUCKING FINALLY! After blatantly throwing away the last 5 games due to horrendous starting pitching (besides Turnbull of course) that stogie of a human Al Avila finally either came to his senses, or got virtually hung on a flagpole from his undies by Tigs fans, enough to the point where he has decided to bring up the one true king of the AL Central, Casey Mize. Finally. Im gonna keep this blog positive so I wont spend too much time talking about those willfully given away games and how Avila for no logical reason waited so long to bring Mize up but I couldn't be more happy.

Not only did he bring up the king in the Central, but along with Mize we got the left handed Vinny Van Gogh when it comes to strikkkkkking people out in the minors, Tarik Skubal. Power forward looking ass lefty who just dots people up at the plate, MLB has him as the 50th best prospect and this dude is also supposed to be legit. He doesn't have quite the same expectations as Mize but from what I understand not only is he a strike out artist but experts have his ceiling as a potential #2, #3 guy in a rotation, which between him and Matt Manning is exactly what the Tigers need.

AND not to be forgotten we also brought up SS/3B Isaac Paredes. This guy I don't know a ton about, I do know hes extremely young and apparently the organization is pretty high on him. What I also know is CJ Cron is done for the year, Niko Goodrum left the game last night with some back soreness, and Dawel Lugo stinks and is gone. Safe to say we need some help on the left side of the infield so lets see what the newly legal kid can bring. This is the one call up that I don't have as many expectations for, more of a pleasant surprise if he can hit the ball but I hope to see him just field and at least look competitive at the plate. But I wouldn't be surprised if his AVG looks more like a BAC this year, patience.

 Again, not gonna talk about how we were in a race for the AL Central 25% of the way thru the season and the worst aspect of our team (starting pitching) was the one aspect we were able to upgrade at any time (Mize, Skubal, Manning) and Al Avila just didn't feel like it for some reason???? I am not going to talk about how this is the best chance we are gonna have at the playoffs for the next 2-3 years and the Tigs wanted to punt, but it is damn good to finally have a little juice in the team. I cannot wait to watch these young dudes work on the mound and hopefully find a welcomed surprise in Paredes, for the first time in years, it's an exciting time to be a Detroit Tigers fan. Hey AL Central, youre fucked.

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