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Some Dude Named @SirYacht Has Every B1G Football Fan Hypnotized

B1G college football football sir yacht

So I just found out about this dude and who and what he does. Apparently he is just a Cleveland sports/comedy media guy, essentially what I am trying to do for Detroit, who somehow has a plug within the Big Ten that is leaking him highly confidential information???


So this is not the first info bomb he has had regarding the B1G season, hes been slowly milking out "news" over the last few days, and he keeps claiming one single "source" that "has been correct about things in the past". So it begs the question: how the fuck and why the fuck does this random guy from Ohio know the fate of the Big Ten season?!?

And I mean this guy has EVERYONE on the hook right now, not only does he have the biggest media/comedy/clothing conglomerate in all of Michigan (me) on the hook but he also has a guy named Big Cat, who you may have heard of.



 If you can't tell, im still a little unsure on how to cleanly embed a tweet but if I build it, it will come. Anyway, I'm not really sure if I believe this guy, I definitely hope hes right and if you know me my hopes have been all the way up from the moment I laid my eyes on that collection of words on twitter. I just cant resist the idea of watching MSU go 2-10 this year and wanting to punt my TV every Saturday, sounds so fucking relaxing and fun filled!

So I have racked my brain and came to the conclusion that there are only a few possible ways some random guy in Cleveland holds the key to the Big Ten's pandora box:

1) He's Kevin Warren's (B1G Commissioner) son, this is really the only realistic option and it is still absurd

2) He has dirt on someone high up in the B1G/CFB and is leveraging whatever nasty "tea" he has to gain valuable information to drive his following, not bad and honestly, pretty fucking genius, still absurd though

3) He's an alien and/or has figured out time travel... Joe Rogan sounded convinced this is his method on his most recent podcast, also who knew Rogan was such a big college football fan?

4) He has no clue and is just talking out of his ass and enjoying the ride, which I also don't hate, I wish I would've thought of it

Whatever it is, hopefully this enigma "Sir Yacht" is right and I can watch my Spartan Dawgs embarrass every single team in the B1G, including themselves, this year... I miss football. Go Green.


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