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Where the Hell is Casey Mize

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Time stamp: Top of the 9th and the Tigers are losing to the White Sox 7-5, so my frustration could subside a tad if the boys pull off a comeback, but as of right now they're on their way to losing their second straight game almost solely due to starting pitching. 

The starters these last two games have been Tyler Alexander who got pissed on and then Matt Boyd today who also got pissed on. Anyone with half a brain that's watched the Tigs this year will tell you that Spencer Turnbull is our only legit winning starting pitcher. After him its been a hodge podge of decent outings and good offense, bridge starts like the Fulmer Norris tandem start the other day, or just pure luck that we've somehow figured out ways to win some of these games. But it is pissing me off, if we lose this game we are going to slide to 9-7 I believe and its annoying as shit because at least 1 or 2 of these losses feel like they could be victories soley based on the fact that Casey Mize is still wasting away in Toledo.

I mean what the fuck is going on here?!?! This is the best chance Detroit is going to have to make the playoffs for the next 2-3 years, we are off to a good start, the offense (somehow) has been good, and we are just punting on the starting pitching?!? What kind of twisted Salem witch trial sense does that make? That dick head Al Avila is just willingly leaving OUR BEST ARM IN THE ORGANIZATION off the team in a year where we are almost 1/3 of the way thru the season and are in a race for the AL Central. 

I get the whole "why waste a year of control" argument, but you can't tell me this team isn't going anywhere when WE ARE A THIRD OF THE WAY IN AND ARE IN A WILD CARD SPOT, shit is so fucking annoying. And we'd maybe be in an even better spot if Casey Mize had started 3 games by now. Extremely frustrating to look at these past two losses and every run being a direct cause of a below average starting pitcher. Maybe I'm just desperate for the Tigers to lean into this year because every team in this city is horrible and they've been a very pleasant surprise, but the logic of leaving your best pitcher off a team in the playoff race makes no sense to me. Al Avila, you suck on ice.

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