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Michigan State Football Has Been Incredible

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Monday morning and the Michigan State Spartans are 5-0. This week is off to about as hot of a start as any week could possibly get off to. Woke up this morning, and naturally, my first thoughts were about Mel Tucker and what he's done, and just how crazy it is that MSU is where they're at. It was only 4 or 5 weeks ago where I was writing blogs and doing podcasts talking about how I just wanna see the Dawgs play hard and play physical this year. I was talking about how winning 6 or 7 games all season would be pretty good. I was talking about how I just wanted to see some young guys shine through as well as see that these guys are buying in to what Mel is preaching. I came in to the year just hoping we could lay down another solid foundational season for the sole purposes of recruiting and then next year hoping State would start to compete. And look where we are now... 5-0 with the leading rusher in the country, with the leading all purpose yardage player in the country, and now ranked the 11th best team in the country. It is fucking CRAZY that we are talking about breaking into the top 10. It's nuts that I'm sitting here praying that we go into Michigan week with a 7-0 record. It doesn't feel real that I spend my mornings convincing myself as to how and why MSU can beat Ohio State and Penn State and somehow find their way to Indianapolis. It truly, truly is one of the most surprising/overachieving/fun seasons I've ever gotten to be a fan of. Any team in any sport, this season really does feel like a one of a kind type season so far. 

I mentioned the achievements of Jayden Reed & Kenneth Walker so far, but even thinking about their storylines alone are fucking wild. Like, regardless of MSU being ranked 11 and being undefeated the fact that we legitimately have 2 guys that are actually Heisman contenders is unbelievable. State's never had a Heisman winner and now all of a sudden in year 2 of Mel, a year where nothing was supposed to happen, we got 2 guys that have an actual case???? You can't tell me that isn't some sort of destiny. And even the Heisman aside, just watching them play... the only guys that come to mind when I watch them are Burbridge, and freshman year LJ Scott? Accolades aside it's fucking awesome that we get to watch two different guys that are clearly just better than everybody they're playing against on a weekly basis, this must be what it's like to be an Alabama fan. And last but not least, being a Lions fan especially, thank god. It's so refreshing being excited every weekend. It's so nice waking up on a Monday morning and already planning my entire week around watching Michigan State get to 6-0. Whatever happens the rest of the way, this start has been unbelievable and we are starting to hit that tipping point where every week that goes by, it starts to feel more and more like this MSU team is built to do something big. Can't wait to see what happens the rest of the way, Go Green babyyyyyyyy.

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