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I am Jonesing for the Red Wings to be Good Again

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I know this isn't the first time I've had a blog revolving around the idea of the Red Wings returning to glory, but on this gloomy Thursday afternoon in the suburbs of Detroit I cannot stop thinking about how fucking awesome it is when the winged wheel runs the hockey streets. I blogged yesterday about that Barstool Chicago interview with Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman, so, today I listened. Those guys talked about a bunch of stuff and inevitably talked about being in the playoffs this year and about hopefully returning next year and man oh man did it have me a hounding for some playoff Hockeytown. My god I would pay. Detroit hits different when the Wings are good. The NHL hits different when we are good for gods sake... I NEED it man, need it. Since we don't know when the next season is starting, and whenever it does we more likely than not still won't be making an appearance in the post season, please join me in enjoying these videos of the glory days of Detroit hockey. We will be back soon enough, but in the mean time, let's relish.

And we will be back, the pieces are starting to form, and unlike the Chicago fanbase and Stan Bowman, I couldn't be more on board with what Stevie is building here. The guy knows what he's fucking doing and now it's only a matter of time. Here are a few nice clips dug up from the mud of this past year:


Also, can we please stop pussy footing around and just give Larks the 'C' this year? I mean honestly, what're we waiting for? I feel like he's probably gotten the message by this point, don't be complacent, you gotta work hard to earn the C, blah blah blah. He gets it. The guy has a brain, just make him the damn captain already so we can move on and he can start to establish himself as the official leader of this organization. Besides it seems like he's already there based on a quote from I think it was either Bobby Ryan or Jon Merrill when they signed with us this off season. One of them said after they talked to Larkin about coming to Detroit that he was the one who sold them on signing here. What more do you want from the guy?? I mean he's wheeling and dealing free agents to a team that just had a historically bad season and we still need to make sure he's the right guy? C'mon, it's time, make Larkin the captain, we all want it. I miss hockey and I miss the Wings. Resign Mantha, resign Bert and let's get fucking rolling, I need to feel the electricity of Hockeytown again, and soon.

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