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I Can't Wait For Zach Werenski to be a Red Wing

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I spent my night last night as I do about 20% of my evenings; going down a rabbit hole. We've all been there, you see one little tidbit of something while you're scrolling twitter and all of a sudden its 3 am and you're a walking encyclopedia on an extremely obscure subject. Fortunately for me, and you I suppose, last night's rabbit hole was not too obscure at all. Actually fairly relevant with noon tomorrow being the start of the NHL free agency and all the crazy deals flying around today (Flower to Chicago for...... free). I got into a deep rabbit hole regarding Grosse Pointe's own Zach Werenski and the Detroit Red Wings. 

Feast your eyes, and ears on this


Come again? You're telling me Zach Werenski has made it known that he wants to be a Red Wing? Sign me up, I'll help hand out the flyers. After seeing that clip I had to sink my teeth into more, and found another NHL podcast where the host talks about "hearing things" from an NHL GM who said, "mark my words, Zach will be a Red Wing". SIGN ME UP. So naturally I started to look into just how soon Stevie can make this happen. 

First things first: if you, for any reason, think bringing Werenski to Detroit is a bad move then you don't know dick. Guy's a top 5 D man in the league, and maybe a top 20 player overall? Dude skates like the wind, can see passes like he's got X Ray vision, and is smooth and smart. He's as close to perfect as it gets, outside of McDavid and Mackinnon.  AND he wants to play for Detroit? He's made it known, while starting his career with another club, that his end game is to get back to Detroit? Insert Leo biting his knuckle *let the record show I tried to insert the actual gif here so I wouldn't have to do something lame like this, but it didn't work, just know my mind is there*. Not to mention he's boys with Larkin which we've all heard a billion times but I had to make it a billion and one. 

So, what's CBJ thinking? I think after looking at all the evidence I've laid out so far it's fair to assume that 2 years from now, when Werenski is a UFA, Yzerman will make a run at him and seemingly get him. So again, what's CBJ thinking? If I was a betting man, I'd say they're thinking their organization is a complete dumpster fire, they're probably thinking about how literally every good player they've had in the last two years is gone now, minus Werenski, and finally they're probably thinking about how the last guy they have left is going to be a Red Wing for free in 2 years. So, Columbus, let's talk.

Now is the part where we pretend I'm talking to the Jackets' GM. You will lose Zach in 2 years for free. Nothing. Your last asset gone as mysteriously as he came. You and everyone else in the NHL knows he wants to come to Detroit, so nobody with a brain not named the Red Wings is trading for him. So you have two options: give him to us now for things back, or give him to us for free in a couple years. Seems clear to me if I was a CBJ fan. Not to mention Steve Yzerman is a real compassionate guy, I am sure he would be happy to help you guys out for your troubles in getting Zach to us a couple years early. Bertuzzi and a 2nd and we'll take him. Don't be foolish Columbus, this is the best you'll get. Make them an offer that they can't refuse, Steve.

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