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I LOVE What the Lions are Doing with Jamie Collins

jamie collins lions

I'm sure Jamie is a great guy, probably one of the best who's ever lived. Ghandi, Mandela, then Jamie Collins, I wouldn't be surprised to find him top 3 in the power rankings of all human beings of all time. That said, he just does not churn the butter on the football field, and by THAT I mean, he fucking stinks. Blame it on old age, blame it on being on a dumpster fire team that he doesn't care about, blame it on whatever you want the guy was the absolute definition of a liability against Green Bay on Monday. Not even, oh he had a couple tough plays, I'm saying he's bringing absolutely 0 to the table. Making it easier on the Packers than if MCDC rolled out a steel chair to play MLB on Monday. That bad. And I LOVE how the Lions have responded to it. Can't cover anyone? Can't stop the run? Don't force turnovers, or pressure the QB, or do anything of value???? Alright smell ya!! There's a Burger King just down the road that has a help wanted sign on the front door, maybe check that out! Again, probably one of the greatest human beings who's ever lived, just not one of the greatest middle line backers who's ever lived, that's all. And just to show I'm not biased against Jamie, when he first came to Detroit he bought a suit from my mom, so for that reason he will forever be good in my book. Sure, he may make it easier than a cake walk for the Green Bay Packers to score touchdowns against him, but he did buy a suit from my mom. Forever good in my book. 

I love what the Lions are doing with this though. Almost instantly after realizing they're rolling out a walking turd to lead their defense they decide, "nah fuck that, lets make a concerted effort to improve our football team". What a novel concept that is, the Detroit Lions? From Detroit? That wear blue and white jerseys?? Making a conscious effort to IMPROVE their football team?!??! Actually a foreign concept to me. Not to mention they've decided to make changes within 48 hours of identifying the problem!!!! Those are NASA fixing a problem with their rocket ship in space levels of fast reaction, it's unbelievable. Long story short, Jamie didn't do shit to help the Lions on Monday so on Wednesday the Lions announced they are trying to get rid of him and would like to give more playing time to their younger players who actually may have a hand in success one day in Detroit. Music to my god damn ears. 

 I LOOOOOVVVEEEEE ITTTTTTTTTTT. Not to mention they wanna give a young guy like Derrick Barnes more PT? This is a Hans Zimmer orchestra blasting 30 violins directly into my ear drums, couldn't possibly love it any more. Barnes was a dog in the pre season. Running, jumping, hitting people, covering people he was doing it all and we've been hearing about this guy since the moment he got drafted. Think it was his college coach, for sure unbiased, who said the Lions got the best LB in the draft when we took him. And then he goes and shows out in the pre season? And then he looks fucking jacked and is fast and is eager to lower the crown of his helmet into the oppositions face?? Yea let's make sure this dude sees the field. 

Also love the transparency that just right off the bat MCDC comes out and says Jamie isn't doing the job, we wanna go younger so he's gone. Sentimental thing of me to like but that's the type of shit that Matt Patricia WOULD NEVER even consider doing. Just keep the fans in the loop, we appreciate that stuff, Dan. I watched Office Space recently for the first time and all I can think about is the, "what is it that you do here" scene in reference to like 11 out of the 22 starters on this team. Glad to see the consultants are already trimming the fat off one of em. Smell ya, Jamie. (probably an all time guy though)


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