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It's Wednesday and I'm Still Annoyed About the Lions

detroit lions

I know I'm not supposed to have any expectations for this dog shit organization and even more dog shit team, but I can't help myself. When I watch football I want my team to win, some things never change and that's one of them. I don't care how many people peg us for the number 1 pick, I don't care how many times I gotta read that we are rebuilding and it's year one of Dan Campbell and all that shit, yeah I get it, I still don't give a fuck. I can't trick my brain into watching Lions games and not getting upset when they do stupid shit that leads to us getting embarrassed on national TV for the billionth time. Just can't do it, my brain is too smart for that, my brain understands that the object of the game is to win so I simply can't be okay with losing. Call me an alpha competitor, call me Tom Brady's equal, call me whatever you want it's just how I operate. 

I know JG16, despite the fact that he pulls off a varsity jacket unlike anyone I've ever seen, isn't necessarily THAT guy, respectfully. I mean apparantly the poor fella can't even hold on to a god damn football, let alone lead a useless team to winning football games but is it crazy for me to expect some kind of competency? Is it crazy to think on 3rd and 1 when you got two guys wide fucking open in front of your face to make that throw instead of thinking you're Pat Mahomes and throwing it to the guys being draped by the defender at the bottom of the field? Doesn't feel that outrageous to expect. I know the defense was an abomination to the sport of football last year and the team didn't do dick to upgrade it, but is the hope that they MAYBE, JUST ONE FUCKING TIME make it difficult for an offense so crazy to ask for? To make Aaron Rodgers upset because he didn't effortlessly pick up a first down ONE FUCKING TIME, is it crazy to hope for that? Is it crazy to ask for one fucking year where the Detroit Lions don't have a defense that couldn't stop a nosebleed? I'm 24, is it crazy to hope for one positive aspect of this god forsaken football team, for one fucking year? I'm just tired of it guys. I know this isn't the year to hope for change or expect the Lions to not be the Lions but my god I'm starting to wear thin. Thank god I didn't have to fight in World War I but when I read stories about the low morale in the trenches and shell shock and trench foot and all that shit, I am starting to get to a mental place similar to that with the Detroit Lions. Where survival may not be the first priority anymore, ending this misery I call my fandom is. 

Listen, I'm still here. I'll keep fighting but man it gets tougher by the day. I don't even need excellence or a playoff win or a double digit win season, all I'm asking for is just a little bit above being THE WORST IN THE LEAGUE, one time. Just one fucking time be like the 23rd worst team in the NFL instead of the worst. Keep fighting the good fight, maybe the Lions will prove me wrong before I turn 30. Probably not though. 

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