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I miss The Joe

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It's Tuesday here in Metro Detroit, it's cold as fuck out, and I'm feeling a bit bored and nostalgic. Naturally I went down a Detroit Red Wings rabbit hole. For those that might not be familiar with my habits, I am an absolute fiend for watching old sports highlights, and I'm not just talking Wings. Since the pandemics started I've gone through EVERYONES best moments. Both State teams, Wings, Tigs, Cats, even the god damn Detroit Pistons. I have a weird obsession. But since sports have come back, albeit without the Red Wings, Tigers, and until last week the Pistons, I've been able to stave off my craving for sports. But you know what they say, "when one craving ends, another one comes on with the hankering of a thousand White Goodman's" or at least I'm pretty sure they say that... my gut says it was Socrates. That new hankering has been epic crowd moments. Especially when watching the NHL playoffs this year and now college hoops it is so extremely apparent that the crowd isn't there and it is driving me NUTS! Those sports depend on the crowds for like half the entertainment value. So, to cure this new hankering I spent pretty much all day yesterday watching old video from the best sports venue in America: The Joe Louis Arena. R I fucking P. Truly, the best place to watch a game during its time. The crowd had a way of almost overtaking what was happening on the ice, it was goosebump inducing night in and night out, and we LOVED watching the Wings kick ass during that 25 year run there. Anyway, I found an awesome video that made me wish I had a time machine, I'm sure you'll enjoy too.

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