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Prayers Have Been Answered, MSU Releases Gruff Sparty Helmets

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FUCKING FINALLY! Mel Tucker just gets it, he just does. Whether it's recruiting, wearing dope ass straw hats, beating Michigan in his first year, or answering the uniform prayer that's been casted by million of Michigan State fans the last few years. Finally, and I mean fucking finally, Michigan State revealed today that they're putting a Gruff Sparty logo on the helmets for Penn State this Saturday. Praise be to Mel. 

 Let's fucking go. Also, helmets aside, shoutout to the MSU social team and whoever made that video because including all the tweets asking for them was genius, the song bangs, and putting Jayden Reed (pretty much my best friend) front and center at Wharton is the least they could've done for the biggest jersey reveal in program history. But, back to the helmets.

In all my time as an MSU football fan I legitimately can't think of a more widespread request within the fan base over the last few years. Outside of Dave Warner being tar and feathered, outside of the illegalization of short side jet sweeps, and outside of cries for the end of the Dantonio era I actually can't think of a pressing issue than Gruff Sparty. Which even emphasizes how much people all actually fucking love Gruff. All those other things directly impacted MSU losing and directly impacted the downfall of the Dantonio era. Gruff Sparty purely impacts swagger and drip, which I guess one could argue DOES in fact impact winning. 

The fact that AGAIN Mel Tucker is achieving something historic in his first year just keeps on keeping on making me think that this man is going to do GREAT things at MSU. Like, why the fuck is this the first time Gruff is gonna be on the uniform? It's no secret our jerseys are already fucking fire as it is, but it's even less of a secret how much people love the vintage logo, HOW IS THIS THE FIRST TIME. And again, Mel's first month on the job: logs on, gets asked about the logo, and next thing you know, in pure showman style as Mel does, we got Gruff Sparty for the last game of the year. Ecstasy. 

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