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If You Don't Think Mel Tucker Wins a B1G Championship at Michigan State, You're Insane

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This guy just doesn't give a fuck. He really doesn't. If you can play football, if you can do it well, if you can run fast, chuck people out of your way, and lay 220 pounds of pain on opposing running backs, Mel Tucker is coming after your ass. He doesn't care where you live or who you thought you were gonna play for, USC, Texas, OSU it doesn't fucking matter for this guy!! Tuck Comin' for all them asses. 

If you haven't seen, Mel landed a signing from highly rated 4 star linebacker, formerly committed to USC, Ma'a Gaoteote (I actually think I spelled that right, in which case I deserve a medal). This dude is a god damn animal. He's huge, he's fast, he's instinctual. He will be the next great MSU linebacker. He will follow in the Greg Jones, Bullough, Bachie, Antjuan Simmons lineage as MSU's next dude who somehow finds a way to make every single tackle in every game, he's one of those guys, a straight up baller. And to get him Mel Tucker went to SoCal in the 11th hour and gave Clay Helton and the Trojans the double birds!!! HAHAH take that baby, MSU is so fucking back nationally recruiting wise it's not even funny. I love it. 

Look, I understand that we're 2-5 I get that, but this dude beat Michigan and a top 10 team in his first "rebuilding" year. And now we've got the 33rd best recruiting class in the country in a year in which this dude couldn't even have recruits visit!! In a year in which he knew his team for like a week before the season started. This dude has the 33rd class, at this point, in literally the most dire possible recruiting circumstances. That's absurd. We brought him in to recruit and he's already doing it in a recruiting apocalypse. I fucking love it. No disrespect to Mark Dantonio (this is obviously going to be slightly disrespectful) but where would this class be if he was still at the helm? Nothing anyone can say would convince me it would even be in the top 40, nothing. I mean, what is Mel gonna do recruiting wise when normalcy returns? Top 30, top 20 classes year in and year out? Imagine that. A Michigan State football program constantly bringing in top 20 classes is a SCARY thought for the B1G. Mel will do it. He's the guy. And he WILL win a Big Ten Championship here, I guarantee it on Mel's behalf. 

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