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I'm About to Say Something I Never Thought I Would

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Folks. Ladies and Gentlemen. Peanuts and Peniles. The day may have finally come. Anyone and everyone that pays even the slightest attention to the NFL saw last night that Dak Prescott's ankle was turned into a boomerang. Prayers up for Dak, although fuck the Cowboys, and I hope he gets better soon. Those injuries suck ass and Dak was always a beast and Mississippi State so for some reason I use his college career to rationalize cheering for him in the pros even though he plays for maybe the most annoying franchise in sports. But I digress. With Dak's inabliity to walk there has been an opportunity presented regarding our beloved Matt Stafford and the possibility of him playing in his hometown. Everyone knows Matt Stafford played high school baseball with Clayton Kershaw, and that happened to happen in the small D. The big D being Detroit, obviously. 

For the first time in my life, I am going to say something that I never thought I would. It may in fact be time to trade away Matt Stafford. It makes me fucking sick just typing that out, but ever since I saw Air Bud licking pudding cups and making lay ups one quote has always stuck with me, "if you love something you must set it free" and I am afraid that this may be Detroit's moment with number 9. No doubt we love him, I mean, I'd hide a body for the guy but man... hes been here for 13 years now and hasn't even come close to winning shit and this god forsaken franchise is not doing him any favors. Not that it ever has, but now we are moving in the wrong direction. If anyone would've ever brought this up during 2011-2017 I would've instantly called them an idiot, but times have changed and our rocket scientist genius head coach has driven this team straight into the god damn ground. I just want Matt to catch a glimpse of victory while he still has ability. And what better place to do it for a guy you love than his hometown. As much as I hate Dallas, they're in the worst division in football and still have a very real shot at the playoffs. They need a quarterback, Jerry will do anything to win, we need a first and I think it has to be done. Especially if we lose again to the Jags next week. 

I have said it before this season isn't over for the Cats, but if we lose one of the next three games, it may be time to part ways. Dallas would be the perfect team to send him to, we could use the first, and that way everyone gets closure and can move on.... I hated this

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