The Dave Portnoy and Tik Tok Marriage Is Going to Spawn the Hercules of Media Entertainment

As of today Dave Portnoy, aka the reason myself and so many other people are into the idea of joking about sports and other things for a living, has a new podcast with hot shot Tik Tok rock star Josh Richards. Now I'll be totally honest with you, I don't know shit about tik tok other than the fact that it's a bunch of shirtless dudes with overgrown hair and 16 year old girls that are explicitly trying to make the impression that they are above the age of 18 while doing repetitive dances and lip syncing. Not my thing. I am not a user or watcher of Tik Tok's and don't know who any of them are outside of Charlie Damelio and now Josh Richards, credit to Dave. I hate everything about the content on that app. Nothing is funny, its all purely based off people being good looking. I don't know or understand how it was determined who became super famous off it, and it seems like it couldn't be a bigger waste of time even if it tried. That being said, I fucking love making Tik Toks, for all of the exact same reasons listed above. I mean, who doesn't like dancing? If you don't like dancing you probably hate puppies, Christmas, and happiness in general as well. I am a self described "gun for hire" in the Tik Tok community so while I hate the app and will never use it, I do kind of respect the kids on there. Who wouldn't wanna be rich as balls for dancing with hot girls, sounds like a great gig. 

Here's the beauty of this marriage: if you listen to the podcast Dave kind of addresses it too, if you aren't a Tik Tok fan like myself then you probably take one look at those kids and have the word "douchebag" engraved in your brain. It's impossible not to, once again, for all of the reasons I've listed above. Now I know this doesn't speak for all these kids, and they very much could still suck ass, but in Josh's case when you listen to the podcast with Dave he actually seems like a pretty good dude. He talks a lot about his come up in the Tik Tok game (I can't believe that's a real sentence) and moves he makes these days beyond taking his shirt off and curling 15 lbs for 6 reps. I had to sneak that one in there. But that's the point I'm trying to make, and the angle Dave & Josh are going for, as someone probably right at the end of the Tik Tok fan demographic, and someone that myself would never ever follow anything related to the app, Dave talking to this kid has suddenly made him likeable to me, he comes off as a smart dude, a pretty genuine guy that happens to be famous, and a kid who has greater plans than being a wiggle dicker forever. Now, that is definitely credit to Josh, but man, Dave dragging these guys into an older demographic is genius because if you're like me it is quite difficult to dislike pretty much anything Pres does. Obviously Dave is getting the reverse exposure out of this, marketing himself to kids in high school and now entering college that may not know what Barstool is already. It's a great deal for him too. But in Josh's case this guy already has 7 million Instagram followers and hasn't even begun to tap into the market of people over the age of what, 25? Good god. If Portnoy was REALLY smart he'd 1) buy a fuck ton of stock in Tik Tok 2) join Sway house and 3) involve himself in Tik Tok drama which he already seems to be doing. 

The podcast was always going to be entertaining and be a success but it is wild at how much Dave is going to bring to the table and I'm not even sure he himself estimated how much he's about to grow this. His pure ability to make a kid who makes money by being skinny and shirtless and making kissy faces likeable is worth billions alone. What a god damn legend. If you haven't yet the podcast is called 'BFFs' and it should be available wherever you listen to your pods. If you can't stand the thought of Tik Tok but like Barstool it is a must listen, it'll open up your eyes, at least a little. 

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