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Is Molly Qerim the Worst to Ever do it?

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I try to be a nice person, I like being a nice person, there are very few people, if any, that I truly dislike. But at some point you stand for something or fall for anything -Teddy Roosevelt maybe? And I simply can't go on any longer without addressing Molly Qerim spouting absolute horse dookie time and time again. I will say this, I probably don't actually dislike Molly as a person considering I've never met her, but she DEFINITELY says the dumbest, most ignorant shit I've ever heard. And to top it all off and make this whole thing even more unbelievable and intolerable she somehow is on the panel for ESPN's most popular show?!?!?!? What fucking planet am I on? No offense (total offense), but she should've been fired like 20 separate times from First Take, she is quite literally THE WORST at what she does. Boggles my mind every time I think about how she's got the gig she does, throw a bucket on top of a mop handle and it'll do ten times the job she does. In this case, silence is most certainly golden. 

Admittedly this blog is a couple days behind, I meant to write it on Wednesday but better late than never. In case you missed it, in Molly's most recent case of saying something unbelievably off base and dumb, she had this to say about two of the cities still in the NBA playoffs, Milwaukee and Phoenix.

 Milwaukee and Phoenix, two places she almost certainly has never been are "terrible cities" apparently. What a fucking loser she is. What an ignorant, entitled, arrogant thing to say. Again blowing my mind to the fact that people actually support her and her trash ass show?!?! Unreal. Sure, I may have been rubbed a bit wrong because surely if Detroit was one of those cities it would have fallen in the same category, but regardless why the fuck would you ever say that about two random cities that as far as I know have never done anything to wrong her? Some of the most disrespectful shit I've ever seen. I actually don't understand how you could watch that and NOT completely hate her guts. 

Not to mention her crusade against MSU a few years ago where she said because of the entire Nassar debacle, which undoubtedly was and is a disgrace to the university and everyone who had a hand in it, was suitable cause to give all of MSU athletics the death sentence????? That's fucking stupid. Molly "I'm gonna say something extremely dumb that I'm completely ignorant to" Qerim.

The worst part about all of this is I actually thoroughly enjoy Jalen Rose. It's like a friend that's dating the chick that absolutely fucking sucks, except when you and all your buddies try to tell him how much she blows, he just can't see it. Not sure how Jalen is able to tolerate hanging out with her, or why he would ever choose to, but the heart wants what the heart wants I guess. The biggest weakness in this relationship if you ask me? If Molly (god forbid) ever has to talk about or travel to Detroit for an NBA Finals series. A match thrown onto a hay bail. 

I still have trouble deciding if it's more embarrassing what she allows herself to say or that ESPN watches her trash cities and seems to have no problem with it. That's fucking nuts. So unless the NBA playoffs take place in LA, NYC, or Boston they'll unfortunately be held in a "terrible city". My heart goes out to Molly and the panel at First Take who may have to endure the suffering of traveling to Milwaukee and Phoenix to get paid a shit load of money to say dumb shit about sports. Really sad our society has forced people into that position. Don't take anything for granted people. 



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