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It's Officially Hot Coffee Szn

hot coffee

I've long been a proponent that people who drink hot coffee in warm weather should be on some type of government short list somewhere. People that should be front and center at Big Brother HQ, just psychotic behavior. Hot as shit out and you're gonna dump piping hot liquids into the system? Nothing about that makes any sense to me or ever will, especially when a far more enjoyable alternative like iced coffee exists. Allows you to let out a hearty, "ahhhhhh" every time you take a sip, makes you feel like you could possibly be on a beach somewhere even though it's Tuesday at 9 am and you're sitting at your desk thinking of all the hopes and dreams you used to have that have amounted to pretty much nothing other than the small satisfaction of an iced coffee on a hot day. Iced coffee is a magical thing, like music it possesses the power to transport the body and spirit to a happy place, even amongst the most bleak circumstances. But enough cold beverage talk because it is OFFICIALLY hot coffee season once more. 

The weather is turning, football has started, and we have hit the point in the year where in Michigan you can set your watch to rain multiple times a week. It's hot coffee season. Now it's well known that I prefer an iced to a hot but I'll tell you what, after dipping my toe back into the hot game this morning, I feel fucking great. I feel like a cozy baby deer following my mom into the forest. Eating berries, prancing around, enjoying my mother deer's love. It's just a good fucking feeling, I don't know what to tell you. You wake up in the morning, it's a bit chilly, it's gloomy and depressing outside but you dump that warm coffee down the throat and it's like fireworks go off inside the body. It's like the warm coffee is designed to pair with the dog shit weather. Like a two negatives make a positive type situation. Usually I'd hate the rainy cold weather, but then you throw in a cozy mug of hot coffee and suddenly I'm kind of a shitty weather guy. Only downside is my god does hot coffee make me sweat. It honestly doesn't really make sense. My dad shits on me constantly for it which I hope makes him feel good making fun of me for something I can't control, but I'm a sweaty guy, what do you want from me. My body runs at such a high level that I sweat out the toxins of coffee almost instantaneously as they enter my body. Kind of incredible actually, TB12 would probably worship me but yea make fun of me for having pit stains at 9:30 in the morning, that's your prerogative. Anyway, not much of a point to this blog other than officially declaring the start of hot coffee season, happy drinking (and sweating) folks. 

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