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Jalen Green is a Coward

Coward Jalen Green

What an asshole this guy is. And this will be the last of my efforts spent on trashing this ass clown. All this guy does is talk shit about Detroit because he's salty he's Cade Cunningham's lap dog, yet he dresses like the only thing he's ever wanted was to be the 5th Temptation. Fuck this guy. 

I actually don't know who I feel worse for, Jalen Green or Houston Rockets fans. On one hand Jalen Green seems to be the most delusional human being who's ever lived. Trashing the idea of living in the Detroit only two weeks after he would've sucked Eminem's dick for the Pistons to take him. And now seemingly does not seem to understand or realize that Houston did EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER to avoid taking Jalen Green and take Cade. Man oh man, please nobody make him aware of that. It's one thing to talk shit about Detroit, a team that didn't take you, but start talking shit about Houston, the team that did eventually take you even though they didn't want to because you're a fucking bum?? Would be an all time blow up for Jalen. And lastly, I feel bad for the kid because he's the 2nd overall pick, has his whole career ahead of him, and the only thing he can think about is the city of Detroit. For a guy who claims to dislike Detroit even though he was here for like 16 hours, he is fucking obsessed with the place. Something doesn't add up, either this guy is lying or he's the dumbest fucking guy on earth. Or both, probably both. 

On the other hand I feel nothing but despair for the poor bastards of Houston who are doing nothing but rah rah-ing Jalen ripping on a place none of them have ever been. What's it like to be a fan of a team who just spent a top 2 pick on the guy that's supposed to be your future and all that guy can talk about is the city that didn't take him. Sheeeesh that must suck. This guy is so butthurt that he doesn't live and play for Detroit that the only thing that's been on his mind for the last 2 weeks is how upset and salty he is about it. Hasn't once been grateful or seemed even remotely excited to be in Houston, wild how happy the fans there are about it. 

It's a real shame because I enjoyed the Rockets v Pistons summer league game. Jalen was fun to watch and I was excited to watch both him and Cade grow and watch their careers take course, but now, I fucking hate Jalen Green. I hope he's out of the league within the year. Hope he goes from crying about not being the first overall pick to crying about not being the first fry cook. Fuck that guy. And I know the retort to a blog like this will be, "oh man Green has you upset" or some dumb shit. Look, if your entire experience in Detroit is a 16 hour trip consisting of you going from the airport to the gym and back to the airport, only to be told by Troy Weaver that you're a terrible leader and not the fit in Detroit, I'd be salty too, but when you go on and start spouting ignorant shit about Detroit I will grab my shovel and bury you 6 feet under myself. On the internet streets that is. I can't stand the guy now. 

Glad we got a good guy, better leader, and best player in Cade. Actually can't even imagine trying to build a franchise around someone as unstable as Jalen Green. Delusional boi. Hope he has a dog shit season and hope Houston fans are okay with the fact that he will always be thinking about us. 

 Mans still salty Cade forced him to leave his knees, ankles, and everything in between in Vegas. Don't reach young blood. 


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