Jemele Hill Makes The Least Funny Joke In Human History

Jake Paul Jemele Hill joke racist

If you haven't seen it by now then you're living with horse blinders and ear muffs on, and if you have seen it and you're thinking, "this fucking idiot doesn't think I've seen this yet??" then relax, guy. It's a big story and is so preposterous I had to do something on it. Besides, YOU clicked on ME bitch! -Dave Chapelle (actually funny person)

What I'm talking about is an interview with Jake Paul given by our dutchess of the day, Jemele Hill and co-host Cari Champion, who I actually used to love so you hate to see her being involved in the least funny question of all time. The gals make a joke and ask Jake if "knocking out Nate Robinson was racist?" and he clearly doesn't think it's funny, because it isn't, and kind of brushes it off and shuts it down right away, so naturally, a minute later they ask him again and it goes from being unfunny to being cringeworthy, weird, and feeling like they're trying way too hard to get him to say something he doesn't want to say. Take a peek

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