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Kenneth Walker is the Heisman Front Runner

k9 kenneth walker msu

K9 being the Heisman front runner is 100% completely obvious to anybody who watched the State game Friday and probably even more obvious to anybody who just saw what he did in the box score. 23 carries for 264 and 4 TDs?!?!? Those numbers are better than anything you've ever put up in Madden, and this dude just posted it in his first game with MSU against what people believe to be a good Northwestern team. Yea, Heisman comin. Most dominant performance by an MSU running back since Leveon against Boise?? Honestly, can't even remember the last time a Michigan State running back dominated an entire game. Not just had a good run or two but was a force of nature that could not be stopped from quite literally the first snap, to the last. I am absolutely JUICED over Kenneth Walker right now... imagine he just fucks around and wins the Heisman? No doubt I'm a bit of a homer and have most definitely been main lining the kool aid, but look at these highlights. I swear I'm not just saying this but... shades of Saquon Barkley. I swear I'm not just saying that. 

 Crib. What a fucking moment.

 Cutback Kenny!!!!!!

 The vision is absurd. I can't stand when running backs run into the backs of their offensive line and our boy Ken seems to have 0 interest in doing that, it's beautiful to watch.

 The Wake clips are pure Saquon. The dude has it all, speed, strength, vision, makes people miss... he's going to be a nightmare for the B1G.

But imagine saying the dude that just went for 264 and 4 tuddies DIDN'T have the most dominant offensive performance this weekend. Imagine giving an award for the "offensive player of the week" to a guy who didn't clearly have the best offensive performance of the week. Mind boggling stuff. 

 Not totally sure who Walter Camp is or how he decides these awards, but I am sure that he's a moron. K9 with more yards, on fewer carries, and more TD's but isn't the offensive player of the week? Make it make sense. Who gives a fuck though, Walter Camp will be kissing Ken's feet when he hoists the Heisman in a few months. 

Also we partnered up with Ken and cooked up some absolute heat for him, and for you to support in the rest of the year, check it out. 





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