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Manny Diaz May be on Crack Cocaine

manny diaz michigan state

Another Saturday come and passed and another beat down courtesy of your Michigan State Spartans. The poor bastards at Miami were forced to feel the wrath of the mighty Mel Tucker this weekend and to now fault of their own got dominated in essentially every facet of the game. I say no fault of their own because the Kansas City Chiefs would struggle to survive a 4 quarter football game with the absolute behemoth from East Lansing. I mean seriously, this MSU team might not only go 12-0 through the college season, but they just might be promoted in time for the NFL playoffs too, these guys just do it all. The motto of this team is "pass, run, and play defense". Catchy, creative, and true to their prescription, Michigan State does everything well and I for one, fucking love it. 

But after castrating the Hurricanes this week by a total of 38-17, the Miami coach Manny Diaz had some crack filled thoughts that he shared with the media. 

 Whatsup, Manny? We talking about the same game? MSU held Miami to 50 something yards on about 2 per carry, but Miami "whipped" the MSU defensive line? Yikes to all of the good people of Miami Dade county that plan their Saturdays around being disappointed by the once great program, it is now all to clear as to why that constant disappointment exists. Your coach either has early onset Alzheimer's, fucking loves crack, or is an idiot. A once great program now victim to the crack scourge! What a shame. That can't possibly be what the government had in mind when they disseminated the nasty drug onto our streets! Seriously though, Manny, that's the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Michigan State's defense controlled the game, they had a couple crucial turnovers and forced King to air the ball out all game. It was glorious. 

Manny may be on crack but who gives a fuck, State killed them he can say the sky is falling for all I care, Miami is a joke program that hasn't been relevant since before Y2K. Nebraska is next into the executioner's chamber and I plan on being there striped and all this coming Saturday. Go Green. 


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