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Today, A Day That Will Live in Infamy, The Yzer-Plan Continues

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I have made me ever so reluctant return from the blogging hiatus I've been on the past few weeks, and to be totally honest I am not sure that I had a reason for disappearing from the keyboard for so long. One reason could be that I hate typing, another could be that I've been kinda busy finalizing getting my big boy job, and another could be that I just vastly prefer podcasting to writing but here we are anyway. Back and more eloquent than ever. But my gracious and arousing return isn't the (main) point of this blog. I am here to talk about your Detroit Red Wings taking another step in their ascent to greatness in the hockey world. Hockeytown is making it's return to its former stature as the Mount Olympus of ice hockey and today is a big part of that. The NHL draft begins at 7 pm eastern time and the Stanley Cup architect, Steve Yzerman, is going to bring in a god damn stud to the Motor City. 

Don't get me wrong, it is still an absolute shame that we were hoodwinked out of the first overall pick and Alexis Lafreniere but life goes on, and so does the Winged Wheel. Although we fell to 4 and most likely won't get our tentacles on my other favorite player in this draft, Tim Stutzle, it is no reason to panic. Without a doubt we will get a fantastic hockey player at 4 overall. And if I had the ability to pull the strings of Steve Yzerman's brain that player would be Lucas Raymond. And the reasoning should be completely self explanatory. Guy has an actual Dr. Evil level "laser beam", is a solidified playmaker, and just emanates offense, which we need in spades. From everything I've read Lucas Raymond would come in and instantly be the best prospect in our organization which is a very exciting thing, especially when you think about a potential top 6 of Bertuzzi-Larkin-Mantha and then Zadina-Veleno-Raymond. Especially compared to the names that have been out there in years past. Now even though I think offense should 100% be the position we target, looking at your Marco Rossi if we don't go Raymond, I also wouldn't hate bolstering that defense even more. That means the #1 D man in the class, Jamie Drysdale. I would not hate that at all. Look back at the last few years these Wings teams were making the playoffs only to be ushered out in the first round, what was the common theme? Baby shit levels of softness on the blue line. I have such PTSD from watching guys like Ericsson and Kyle Quincey feed the puck right to the stick of a Tyler Johnson or Patty Kane in our own slot that I would have no problem never having to worry about defense again. That being said, I still want us to take one of the forwards. 

No matter who we take though, I'll be happy with it. Stevie Y has proved with the Lightning, and now with Seider that he knows exactly what he's doing. So here's what I suggest to all Red Wings fans. Close your eyes, maybe have a drink, take an edible if that's more your speed, and let Stevie take the wheel. We are in Yzerman's hands now. LGRW.

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