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Who is Aaron Rodgers?

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Yes Alex, I'll take 'Athletes' for $400

He is a phony quarterback that made Jameis Winston look like Joe Montana meets Tom Brady last week. He has a haircut that looks like he teaches 8-14 year old's how to cross country rollerblade meanwhile he is on mushrooms the entire time (actually sounds kind of awesome). He is a fraud quarterback who spends his evenings day dreaming that one day he maybe, just maybe will be able to sniff Alex Trebek's jock (RIP). He is a sleeper cell that is spending his final playing days in Green Bay with the sole purpose of destroying everything they've built from the inside. He comes off like the biggest douchebag on earth. He is going to get his ass beat by the Detroit Lions tonight, a loss that promises to be so one sided in Detroit's favor that it completely ruins any semblance of a legacy that this man had before tonight. He will not be bailed out by the refs to beat the Lions like he has in the past. He is going to throw 3 interceptions tonight and will congratulate Jared Goff with two Italian kisses on Goff's cheeks as they shake hands after Goff throws for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns and the Lions win by 50 tonight. He will seriously consider retiring from the NFL and pursuing his Jeopardy career after the demoralizing loss he suffers on national television tonight. 

If you answered, "Who is Aaron Rodgers?" you win today's episode of The Detroit Lions Opposition's Quarterback Jeopardy! Congrats, your prize is that the Lions are gonna beat the fuck out of the Packers tonight, how great. 

Aaron Rodgers is a fraud who doesn't care about football and you don't win games by not caring about them. If anything, he cares about dismantling the Packers from the inside, a true double agent, and nothing would embarrass the Packers more than getting shit pumped by the lowly Detroit Lions tonight. The Cats winning tonight plays right into that psuedo hippie's agenda in Green Bay, and besides everybody knows, Dan Campbell doesn't lose two games in a row, that's just a fact. Packers are fucked tonight, LETS GO LIONS!

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