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Matthew Stafford is More Talented Than Dak Prescott

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So this is going to be the shortest and most simple blog I've ever written and I couldn't be more fired up for it. I've been seeing a lot of NFL media members blow the top off Detroit's favorite son, Matthew Stafford, the past few days, which is awesome. Nobody has been more deserving, nobody has done more with less, nobody has been more ignored despite his talents than Matthew so it is great to see the man FINALLY get some love. Although it is lame how they wait until he leaves Detroit to talk about him, but that's a rant for another time. In the midst of all this Matthew Stafford talk the past few days I saw another debate flare up where people were trying to say Dak Prescott is better than him????? I usually hate doing the, "if you think ___ then you're an idiot" routine, but, if you think Dak Prescott is a better quarterback than Matthew Stafford, you're an idiot. Listen, I don't give a fuck about the QBR or any stats when it comes to these two. The only thing Dak Prescott is actually better at when it comes to any football related skill, is handing the ball off to a 1400+ yard rusher. Matthew Stafford has never had anyone even sniff a 1000 yard season, imagine him hanging out and handing it off behind one of the best offensive lines in the game and letting Zeke do all his dirty work for him? The narrative around Staffy would be much different. Anyway, I don't wanna go on for too long because in short, anyone with a brain, eyeballs, and a semblance for an idea of what talent looks like on a football field knows that Matthew Stafford is the more talented QB and it isn't really close. If you need a guy to hand it off, Dak is your man, if you need someone to do pretty much anything else, he's playing quarterback for the Rams. 

 Dak Prescott makes maybe one of these throws FYI


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