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The Detroit Lions, Per Usual, are the Gold Standard for the NFL

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ICYMI, over the weekend an innocent black man was shot by police 7 TIMES from point blank in the bank, after trying to break up a domestic fight (which was the reason the cops were there in the first place). Horrible, horrible tragedy and the video is even more disturbing as the cop who shoots James Blake does not even seem slightly phased after unleashing 7 rounds on a completely innocent man as he was getting back into his car, shit is infuriating. If you haven't seen the video, I won't include it, but it is guaranteed to make your blood boil and once again ask why some people are the way that they are, this world seems to not make sense more than it does these days, and nobody seems to have the answers...

In response to the events of the weekend, the Detroit Lions decided not to hold a practice today and instead stood outside Lions HQ spreading awareness and sharing their voices on the subject.


According to various sources the day started with the team gathering in a conference room and having a conversation about the events and different peoples' feelings and experiences related to it that ended up lasting 3-4 hours. According to our fearless leader Matt Stafford, "football wasn't even brought up a single time". And I just need to say it, thank god man. Thank god someone in the world, and in this fucked up, corrupt league we call the NFL took the time to address shit that is infinitely more important than the Lions going 16-0 this year, even though that is pretty damn important. People like Duron Harmon, Stafford, and others spoke up during the protest and afterwards saying that they have never been prouder to not only be a Lion but be a member of the Detroit community, and that's exactly what I wanted to come on here today to talk about. 

Now the reason I do this is because I love sports and I love trying to make jokes, about sports. But every so often, although it feels a lot more frequent than that lately, a community, and potentially country changing event takes place and we rarely see pro athletes afforded the opportunity to discard their job for the day and focus on issues they deeply care about, and are affected by. I know the Cats have been getting plenty of national attention today in doing this, and rightfully so, but for people who don't religiously follow the Lions, or aren't a part of the metro Detroit community, this kind of stuff is exactly what people like Big Sean talk about when they saw Detroit is a mentality. It really fucking is, as corny as that sounds, I swear people from, and that have become part of this culture and community are just different. 

Obviously being from Troy and Oakland county I am an exception from what I am about to say, but a lot of people from this part of the country don't get dealt great hands in life, BUT THEY FIND A WAY. And that really feels like what Detroit is about. Not only finding a way, but helping others along the way, banding together and realizing hey its not me vs you, but it should be us working together. Obviously there are people that don't fall into this category, there are assholes, douchebags, greedy mfs, and racists I am sure around this area. But when the great people of the Detroit community put their mind to something and decide they are going to do it, rest assured, it will be done. This phoenix of a city that has risen from the ashes of the 2007 stock market crash has been through stuff like this before, and we always come out stronger on the other side. That's just what Detroit is. IT IS A DAMN MENTALITY. A feeling that we all come from the same, incredible place. A feeling that you don't have to fail for me to make it, but rather, why not us both make it. A feeling of knowing WHAT the right thing is to do, and WHEN to do it. I love this city, duh, but I just wanted to acknowledge a franchise that hasn't always done the right thing whether it is football related or otherwise (just pay Megatron already for the love of god), when it seems to have mattered most they gave their players a voice and adhered to what they felt was right and what they believed in. THAT is what Detroit is about. All that said, don't forget that the Lions will win their first ever Super Bowl this year. 


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