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NIL Day Has Arrived and it's Beautiful

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A day that has been in the works for, literally ever? Since the dawn of college athletics? FINALLY, college athletes are able to get paid and monetize their name, image, and likeness and finally profit off their fame and talents. Don't get me wrong, still some work to do seeing as though they aren't actually being paid for creating the product that the NCAA is making billions off of, but that day will come. For now it's a step in the right direction as far as kids being able to make any type of money. 

And you already know your boy and the future of Detroit culture, The 2nd String, is getting in on the action baby! We got Jayden Reed, start wideout for the Green and White, in the mix and we are already making some moves. Cannot wait for football season. But the funniest part about everything and honestly, my favorite part about the NIL being passed is all the old salty NCAA establishment clowns who are crying in their east coast mansions because the kids WHO MAKE THEM THEIR MONEY are finally able to see a fraction of what the produce. I find it fucking awesome. Fuck those guys. Like there were literally people saying that they would quit their jobs in college football if players got paid. Are you fucking kidding me? How entitled and arrogant could you possibly be? You're gonna quit your one in a million job as the head coach of a powerhouse college football program just because the dudes who MADE YOU WHAT YOU ARE see a little bit of cash? I actually can't believe it's real, and it is. 

It's fucking hilarious that Dabo actually said that. "What an idiot, what a fucking idiot" -Dave Portnoy. What may be even crazier is that this quote and take by Dabo is open public knowledge and there are still kids that WANT to go play college football at Clemson?!? Are you serious bro? If I was a 5 star QB I'd go play at Oakland Community College before I even dreamed of throwing on the pads for that dickhead. But at some level you kind of have to respect Dabo for actually saying it because you know like 90% of people associated with the sport feel the exact same way but are way too big of pussies to say anything. You're telling me Nick Saban is happy his dudes are gonna make bank? Fuck no. That dude is pissed off when they beat Auburn by 20, there's no chance he feels anything remotely positive about people making money under his watch. 

On the flip side, Mel Tucker is gonna make it his life's purpose to make every MSU football player as much money as he can. He actually won't even care about winning. Fortunately since his guys love playing for him so much, because he makes them so much money, they're gonna play harder and he's gonna get better talent so they'll end up winning a fuck ton of games anyway. But man, Mel "I'm gonna make everyone on my team a millionaire" Tucker. That should go on a shirt. Anyway, it's a beautiful day in college sports. I just wish people like the Fab 5, Cassius Winston, Johnny Football etc etc etc were playing today so they could make BAGS. 

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