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So These Are Hangovers Now, Huh?

23 is the new 30 hangover

First things first, the fact that I am powering through a mild hangover to write this blog is an act so courageous it could only properly be rewarded with a Medal of Honor, but I'll settle for a few page views instead I guess. Thank me for my service. So I drank about eight (8) beers yesterday over a period of like 5/6 hours probably and I woke up today and was hungover... what the fuck is that all about? I cant help but wonder, what happened to me? 8 beers over 6 hours is gonna leave me with a hangover in the morning?!?! I am a 23 year old kid for gods sake, I'm like a new born deer still figuring out how its legs work, I am fragile, I am a fetus in the grand scheme of time and life. And I'm feeling hangovers off of 8 beers?!?!

I always heard that 30 is the age when hangovers just start hitting different and you start to really take notice. Don't get me wrong, the hangover today isn't bad at all, its more of a lack of sleep than anything but I can still definitely feel the hangover tugging at my pant leg like an unloved chihuahua begging for scraps of trash like the rats they are. Chihuahuas suck. But I digress, it's not even about the severity of the hangover for me at this point, its the principle of me having one to begin with, again, what the fuck? Don't get me wrong I don't think I should've woken up feeling like a fresh daisy, but I should've been something like 2 month old tennis shoe. Still relatively new and good, but you can tell it's taken a little bit of a beating. But in reality I woke up feeling like a jar of molasses. Just thick, slow, tired, and smelling like ass. I remember the days when I could put down 15 beers and wake up ready to run a god damn marathon, now I drink a single margarita and I'm attached to the couch for a day, shit is messed up man. If things are like this now, I pray alcohol be illegal by the time I hit 30.

*For Spartan Dawgs' Eyes Only* the only thing getting me through right now is the fact that our boy Jaren Jackson Jr. is giving buckets to the Blazers right now. Dude is such a stud... fucking Syracuse

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