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We Need to Talk... About the Detroit Lions

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Today is Thursday October 15th, 2020. The Detroit Lions play the Jacksonville Jaguars in a few short days. Matt "Guru Rocket Scientist Super Genius Einstein was a Dummy" Patricia is still, some-fucking-how, the head coach. We are 1-3. They are 1-4. Stafford hasn't been great. Our wideouts lead the league in drop rate. We should've beaten the Bears. Mitch Trubisky stinks. Our defense sucks. We don't pressure the quarterback. Bob Quinn is whatever. The Ford family sucks. God damn it man. 

So there it is, that this season laid out so far and if you notice a pattern, most of those statements are not very positive and would not be indicative of a successful football team and in this case they absolutely are not. The purpose of this blog is really to just gauge the pulse of the fanbase... if there is there a pulse? A lot of people are saying this team is dead and I absolutely 100 percent see where they're coming from, BUT FUCK THAT NOISE!! This team has some god damn life in it yet!

Listen, the Jaguars are terrible. Gardner Minshew blows. They stink at offense. They are worse at defense. The next 8 games for this Detroit team is the closest thing to a cake walk you can possibly get in professional sports. Every team we play has a losing record as of right now. The Colts are the best team we play and they have Phillip fricken Rivers as their QB. If you lined up all of his kids, the guy literally wouldn't be able to throw a football over them. He's terrible. Here's what happens this weekend: The Lions go in there knowing that they have to go 7-1 over the next 8 which is actually doable. It's a damn shame that we didn't can that fucking bum Patricia over the bye week but hey when life hands you lemons throw them out and go buy some lemon La Croix. Stafford is about to go to another level these next few weeks, its a dub this week against the Jags, we move to 2-3 and then plot our next move from there. Stop being a negative loser and get that mind right. Cats 31 Jags 17. We are gonna cover too, book it. 

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