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We Just Witnessed The Most Complete Detroit Lions Football Game In Over 2 Years

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Victory damn Monday. What a feeling it is. I saw, I read, I heard everyone ready to hang it up on this season, even myself at times, but the Cats bounced back in a way I don't think anyone saw coming. If you watched the Lions Sunday you know one thing to be true: we completely fucking dismantled those bums from Jacksonville. And this team looked completely foreign to what the rocket scientist trotted out there the previous 4 weeks. Pressuring the QB?!? Running the football!?! Holding on to a double digit lead?!? I didn't even know what planet I was on by the time the game ended. I mean we were physical for the first time in forever, like literally putting shoulder pads through brain cavities. That Deandre Swift run alone, the one where he actually turned the Jax dude into a potato, was the most electric offensive play I think I've ever seen. The O line was straight up moving meat, Golladay was Golladay and just mossing inferior competition, Stafford was clean and tossing the deep ball like it was hot, people were hitting on defense, breaking up passes it was fucking incredible. Felt like all the stars aligned and were shining on the great city of Detroit, Michigan for one Sunday out of the year.

All those people that were saying "I hope we lose" or "let's tank this season is over" YOU ARE A GOD DAMN FOOL. I said it during the bye, just look at the schedule, the next 7 games are a raspberry strudel topped with a spoonful of ice cream. It's a fucking joke. 7 straight games that are more than winnable. This team couldn't be more in the playoff race and it fucking pains me to see people wanting them to lose when we are very much in it in week 5, doesn't make any sense. Shit is exactly the kind of stuff that contributes to the Same Old Lions loser attitude. Not that the fans are out there playing the games or affecting the organization that much but fuck man, that energy and mindset is out there! It exists, it doesn't help anything surrounding the team so stop being a pussy and realize that THIS TEAM STILL HAS LIFE IN IT. Huge win for the boys, complete win, and credit where credit is due, that fat dork Patricia changed up the scheme, got after the QB and it paid off. 

Falcons next week and they stink too, Matt Ryan ain't it, their defense sucks, and we need this game. Get to .500 and we can talk. Keep this thing rolling fellas and I don't need any sorry ass Lions fans hopping on the wagon now, you jumped off, you can stay off. Let's fucking go! One Pride.

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